Educational Piano Apps

Pro Metronome for Android

Pro Metronome for iOS

Flash Note Derby for either Android or iOS. Replaces boring flash cards!

Note Rush for either Android or iOS. Themed flash cards, timed and leveled.

Note Works for either Android or iOS. Note reading practice in a motivating, level-up platform.

Rhythm Swing for either Android or iOS. Tap beginning rhythms in a fun jungle theme.

The Most Addicting Sheep Game for iOS. BEST game for feeling a regular beat. ADDICTING.

Piano Maestro for iOS. Best sightreading and fluency app available. FUN!! Subscription, but free for Rising Star Students by signing up through the teacher.

Notion for iOS. Write your own music down easily.

ForScore for iOS. iPad PDF and music reader with annotation capability.

Piano Technician

Frank Fisher at Precision Piano in Northport can tune, fix, recondition, or move your piano. (877) 270-7600

Buy a Piano

Precision Piano (see above) usually has several reconditioned pianos for sale in the shop in Northport.

Starbird Music & Piano Gallery of Portland is the best store in Maine if you are in the market for a new piano. They also offer used and rent-to-own pianos.

Used pianos are a hot commodity in Midcoast Maine. Check classifieds, Facebook Marketplace and “yardsale” groups, Uncle Henry’s, Craigslist, etc.

Caring for an Acoustic Piano

The Piano Technicians Guild has a very informative website regarding piano care.