Rising Star Piano Studio

“Carrie is an incredible teacher, patient, playful, engages our son in the love of learning piano and music. We are so thankful for her!”
— Kendra

“Music is a tool to help wire the brain to reach a higher level of thinking. When we put instruments in a child’s hands in the early years, we are teaching them an activity that is positive and will last them a lifetime. What a wonderful gift to give our children!”
—Early Childhood News

“A number of academic studies recently zeroed in on classical music, showing that listening benefits the brain, sleep patterns, the immune system and stress levels.”
— USC News

What can music do for your child?

Brain Development

Music study as a child enhances language and motor development, foreign language acquisition, memory and retention skills, inner voice development, spatial and temporal reasoning, and higher-level thinking.

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Character Development

Studying the piano can help students develop patience, commitment, perseverance, self-esteem and much more! Click here for more examples of developmental benefits.

Health & Wellness

McGill University’s psychology department recently released a study showing that, due to certain brain chemicals produced while experiencing music, music can be highly effective in reducing anxiety, treating eating disorders, and boosting immunity. Music itself can even function as a painkiller!

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Community Engagement

Karl Paulnack expressed a deeply compelling justification for art & music in his welcome address to incoming freshmen at Boston Conservatory.

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A Parent’s Perspective

“Thank you for all of the years of wonderful music and piano instruction for all of our family. I’ve appreciated your expertise, warmth, amazing organization, and good humor.”
— Kirsten

Piano is Fun!

“Isabella enjoys all types of music now! She is learning to read music which we are thrilled about – and she looks forward to lessons and practice! I believe this is because of Carrie’s contagious enthusiasm and passion for piano.”
— Pennie


Carrie is flexible to work with all ages and types of students, from gifted learners to those with special needs, and adults to preschool children. Her patience with each personality creates a comfortable environment for risk-taking and building confidence.


Carrie integrates as much current music technology as possible into piano study. Students benefit from apps which focus on sightreading, music theory, ear training, and rhythm. Home practice time often incorporates iOS or Android apps. (See the Resources tab for a list.) Many students compose their own pieces with the help of innovative notation apps. (It is surprising how easy they are to use!) And some students might even learn to use a sheet music app where they can turn pages by winking! 

The Studio

There are three pianos in Carrie’s studio: a 1923 Mason & Hamlin grand, a reconditioned family heirloom upright Kurtzmann, and a digital Roland.